Irvine Sellar – The Property Market Guru

Founder and Chairman of the Sellar Property Group, Irvine Sellar is a highly focused individual, a specialist in his field and has top notch experience from working on some of the most notable projects all over the world. He has had a long, successful and varied career, partly the reason why he is referred to as the property industry’s most established and colorful personalities.

Irvine’s career has span from market trading, founder, owner of the second largest independent fashion retailer in the UK and also the developer of the tallest building in the Western Europe. See for more info. With business experience of more than 40 years, he has developed unrivalled ground in the property industry and in other areas. Currently, all his efforts are concentrated towards the commercial property market.

His organization, Sellar Property Group has a very dynamic investment portfolio in the UK and all over Europe. The company’s ethos reflects Irvine’s go-getter attitude, the same principles he applies to his own life. Through his company, he has delivered his company successfully through one of the toughest economic times globally.

Thanks to the Shard located on Hampstead Heath, Irvine Sellar has come to be recognized as the man who provided London with the tallest building. After 12 long years of designing and planning, the building is currently the tallest skyscraper in Europe. In numerous interviews, Irvine Sellar revealed that he started his entrepreneurial career back in the 60’s selling groovy threads. Since then, he has scaled impossible heights to become one of the most recognized names in the UK’s property market.

The 74 year old Irvine Sellar celebrates his architectural prowess as can be evidenced by the Shard. He is the voice of wisdom on anything related to the property market in the UK. Together with his team, the Sellar Property Group, he continues to soar to greater heights.