Aiming for Quality Service at QubeGB

Since 2007, Scottish based QubeGB has provided quality telecommunications services to nearly the entire United Kingdom. Its vision is to become the top service provider for telecoms, ISPs and customers by putting the client first.

So far, there are no disappointments and the company continues to grow and hire new technicians. Each engineer, support team member or supervisor is fully trained and has the expertise to handle work with a customer-centric viewpoint whether that customer is a blue chip corporation or a small family dependent on an Internet connection to stay in touch.

QubeGB’s focus of business deals with fibre optic broadband and digital media. They also help out in the healthcare field by installing products in various facilities. They manage and install smart meters and much more. More information about their company can be found at .

They welcome any question no matter how complex it may be. They will work to come up with a solution and make sure anything that is installed is set up to suit all of your needs precisely. For business consumers, they will work until the customer feels the systems have helped them increase efficiency and most of all, productivity.

The company recognizes that there is a growing need for security online. Children especially need to be secure and their parents need to know that each time anyone is at home surfing the web they are protected from viruses or cyber attacks.

Whether you need to get a new broadband connection installed or an existing one upgraded, they will work to ensure everything is fully optimised and gives you the most possible for your money. The same goes for repair services.

Any time you have been without a proper broadband connection, simply phone them up and they will send a qualified engineer to your home to diagnose and fix the problem.
There is a new apprentice program which is bringing new engineers on board to help make sure that all clients are getting the fastest and most effective repairs. They arrive at homes and business alone but if it is needed, they have an entire team of back up support to help them solve problems and ensure customer satisfaction.

The staff understands that families want to enjoy reliable Internet and businesses cannot afford any downtime. They work to make sure they have your complete satisfaction. QubeGB is a growing company and it is poised for continued success in the telecommunications industry. It especially values its staff, as it has recently hired a new expert in HR .