Is the government really giving grants for roof coating?

One of the most common scams in the roof coating market involves companies cold calling and making leaflet drops promising homeowners government grants. Touted as grants for environmentally friendly weather resistant roof coatings, homeowners looking to do their bit for the environment are often taken in. Also considering the “savings” on costs these companies claim, the deal is almost too good to be true. The question is; are such grants indeed available?

Roof coating products offer real benefits to homeowners, especially if the roof is well into its life and beginning to show signs of wear.

Don’t be taken in by non-existent grant offers
No government grant currently exists that covers the cost, or part thereof, for the installation of roof renovation and coating products. The argument put forward by some of the companies making these claims are often convincing. A number of government backed programs aimed at improving energy efficiency such as cavity wall insulation and loft insulation lend credibility to this scam.

How can you protect yourself from this, and similar scams?
The home repairs market is big business so offers a great number of vulnerable people to exploit. You should be on your guard when looking for a roofing contractor to work on your roof. If a deal sounds too good to be true and you are being offered a lot for less, look out for a catch.

Choose a company who have experience carrying out roof coating work and can provide testimonials for you to check out. Ensure the products they use are certified to European (DIN, EN and ISO) quality standard and the company is fully insured. As an added benefit, some companies also offer an independent insurance backed guarantee, Easy Coat Ltd is one such company.