Three Great Occasions For Wearing Evening Dresses

Almost every woman at some point in her life has wanted to buy the evening dresses of her dreams. Lush, beautiful, even sexy, nothing says femininity like that gown you rock more than any other. There’s just one problem: price. Many women pass up their chance to own their dream dress because they can’t rationalize paying so much for one.

This is unfortunate, since there are so many wonderful occasions to wear a beautiful evening dress. Below we outline our favorite times to go shopping for and bringing out of the closet our favorite gowns.

Fancy Parties

You might be thinking, “Oh, but I never go to such fancy parties!” If you work full time or are partnered with someone who does, odds are there is at least one function a year that calls for evening wear. Show them what you’re made of in your favorite gown!


Unless your gown is white, you’re sure to be a knockout at a friend or relative’s wedding this year. Weddings are the perfect occasion to bring out your favorite dress and get all dolled up.

Formal Dinners

Is it your anniversary? A big date? Dinner with the in-laws or a friend who wants to show off? Show off first by wearing your greatest gown to dinner in a formal restaurant. You are sure to wow the other guests when you’re wearing a gown that makes you feel confident and definitely venue appropriate.

When you think about it, many occasions throughout the year present themselves as a great excuse to wear a gorgeous evening dress. We bet that if you take all of these events and count them up, you’ll see a great excuse to go shopping for the gown of your dreams – or maybe a few more!